WeldEye® Quality System

Comprehensive Welding Management software for NORSOK, ISO, ASME, and AWS

For the user

  • User and role-based access control
  • Full traceability
  • Instant production status
  • European and American standards
  • Metric and US customary units
  • Weld activities
  • Monitoring features
  • Searchable
  • Electronic signatures
  • PDF output
  • Revision tracking and logging
  • Standardized layouts
  • As-built documentation
  • Email notifications

For the manager

  • Real-time project control
  • Data integrity - changes are logged
  • High-level compliancy
  • Process-controlled
  • Controlled input
  • Expandable
  • Realiable
  • Secure
  • Future-proof
  • Purpose-built
  • Scalable

For the IT-manager:

  • Hosted and local solutions
  • Centralized server architecture
  • Integration interface
  • Customization possibilities
  • Web interface
  • Compatible with Windows, Oracle, SQL Server


WeldEye® Quality System benefits

  • control and traceability in the whole production process
  • better quality and faster, more accurate, as-built documentation
  • quicker decisions based on correct information
  • time savings due to improved resource management
  • easy access through Internet
  • real time status on executed and outstanding production
  • complete project status for higher management
  • fulfillment of customer requirements
  • updated requirements from international standards
  • new and innovative IT technology
  • re-use existing information
  • easy re-certification tool
  • effective compilation and recycling of welding procedures

The system builds your final as-built documentation as a complete PDF package at request. The content can be customized and might include NDT reports, WPSes, welder certificates, repair report, weld comments, material certificates and more.

With WeldEye® Quality System, the application will be installed locally at Customer’s own IT infrastructure. With this option it will be possible to integrate WeldEye® with other third party products like ERP, CAD or HR systems.

With WeldEye different sites belonging to one organization will share information in an optimized and controlled way.


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