Welders’ WeldEye

Welders are finally being invited to take part in the digitalisation of their own field.

WeldEye has traditionally been a software program used by management and supervisors, but this is set to change as welders themselves are getting involved and signing off on their own welds, through a module called Welders’ WeldEye. At Weldindustry we have spoken to several companies and see an increasing trend towards involving the welders more, also in regard to reporting on their own work, on a digital platform.

Welders often have a unique knowledge and have a lot to offer management in addition to performing the actual welds.

After all this is where the WPS and material – amongst other selections – are made, so why not allow them to report on this directly?

The benefits of allowing welders to report are many.

The management team get an earlier, and more accurate timeframe for weld completion as well as an overview of how far the project has come. In addition, it also reduces the number of links in the reporting-chain.

The Welders´ WeldEye licence can be used whether installed on a PC situated in the welding hall or on a tablet.

'Organisations are realising the value of involving their own welding staff in the reporting and follow-up on a project'

Welders’ WeldEye tablet solution

The tablet option makes it easy to keep it with the welder as they move within the production area.

The tablet solution is touchscreen, making it easy to navigate, select and edit.

Another useful tool is the ability to set up several users on the same tablet, with each one having their own unique login in, this ensures project leaders and management keep the traceability required on the majority of welding projects.

The tablet gives the welder easy access through the use of dropdown menus to drawings for the weld, WPS´ allocated to the project and the selected weld, as well as material and certification requirements.

The welder also has the option to go directly to the chosen weld by scanning a QR code using the tablet.

Welders report in real-time

Within the program, the welder can report which weld they have completed, including which WPS, materials etc. were used.

The selected weld changes from red (not completed or to do) to green when it has been done.

The data will automatically be transferred to the main program giving management real time data on the progress of all welds and overall project status.


We believe this is just the beginning of Welders´ WeldEye.

Within this module we plan to add several functions, for instance allowing the welders themselves to self-certify and approve their own work, or adding other functions, such as scanning WPS´ and materials used.

The general consensus seems to be that it is about time we involve the welders to a greater degree and allow them to report on their own work, at the time the work has been completed.

This will also save the organisation a lot of time and unnecessary double data entry.

At Weldindustry, we have seen an increase in requests for this functionality and we are pleased to see that companies are realising the value of involving their own welding staff more in the reporting and follow-up on a project.

To find out how Welders’ Weldeye can bring benefits to your organisation, contact Silje Holvik for a free, online demonstration.

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