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WeldEye User Webinar 2021

WeldEye Webinars 2021

We are running our user Webinar again! Sign up below if you missed it the first time. 

20th April 2021
1-2:15pm (Oslo, CET+1)

We will be sending out the Microsoft Teams link shortly, thank you to those of you who have already registered. 

The agenda covers:

  • News from Weldindustry
  • Welder’s WeldEye/handheld
  • Multi Weld NDT and Equipment register
  • Q&A
  • WPS Status report
  • New GUI
  • Tips and tricks
  • Support
  • Summary

Stay safe and see you soon,

– The WeldEye team

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    Weldindustry will also be running a couple of other WeldEye webinars in 2021 (dates tbc).

    We appreciate your feedback on which topics are most relevant for you and your sector.

    You can submit your name and email below to indicate your interest in joining one of our webinars. We do not pass your details on to any other parties. 

      WeldEye Workshops

      We encourage you to book a live, online WeldEye workshop with our product manager to get an in-depth, customised session on how to best utilise and configure the WeldEye software for your production environment and industry sector. We also welcome any other suggestions on how we can help you optimise your use of WeldEye. 

      Having worked on welding projects across many different industries for 20 years, we know how varied each one can be. You can contact Silje Holvik to discuss you and your teams’ specific requirements. 

      The WeldEye workshop will be run by one of our solution engineers who typically use one of your own projects and run it through the software together with you. At this point, it is important to include representatives for all relevant areas and disciplines of your organisation.

      Together we run the selected project through WeldEye from beginning to end. From planning/engineering, work orders, production, NDT reporting, until the final documentation package for the project/customer is ready. We also look at your overall processes and look for opportunities for improved efficiency by way of integrations or even customisations.

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