WELDERS’ WELDEYE article first published in Norwegian in Sveiseaktuelt magazine, issue 04-20.

Welders’ WeldEye

Welders are finally being invited to take part in the digitalisation of their own field.

WeldEye has traditionally been a software program used by management and supervisors, but this is set to change as welders themselves are getting involved and signing off on their own welds, through a module called Welders’ WeldEye. At Weldindustry we have spoken to several companies and see an increasing trend towards involving the welders more, also in regard to reporting on their own work, on a digital platform.

Welders often have a unique knowledge and have a lot to offer management in addition to performing the actual welds.

After all this is where the WPS and material – amongst other selections – are made, so why not allow them to report on this directly?