WeldEye 2022

New Functionalities

WeldEye welding management software is constantly evolving and adapting to the requirements of the market.  Here are some of the functionalities we are adding for 2020, estimated launch August 2020:

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Kjell Arne Stegegjerdet, Luster Mekaniske Industri AS, Karl Einar Tronrud, Weldindustry AS, Silje Holvik, Weldindustry AS og Svein Olav Fjærbu, KSMV / Vestmar Production

Quality control module

Module for real time monitoring of welding parameters from welding machines to help you measure efficiency and quality of welding.

Multi-weld NDT

Allow more than one weld on a single NDT report, quicker reporting, fewer reports and more time saved, configurable signatures.

Status reports

Including even more possibilities for status on Defect rates per WPS, Welder, Project and more.

Integration kit

Extended integration kits with improved dataflow.

Import data to weld-list engineering

Import weld list data from CSV-files and Excel sheets directly into WeldEye, save time and money.

Export project data to Excel

Export weld list data from WeldEye to excel sheet, save time and money.

Find out more about Weldeye

Read in more detail about the modules and features that make Weldeye welding software such a useful tool for your welding operations.

Extended dashboard functions

More possibilities for easy data overview, procedures, certificates, document register.

Progress reports for projects -handheld solution

Report production and Quality Inspections in real time. Save time - avoid running around the production halls and offices gathering already existing information.


It is now possible to add welding equipment in WeldEye including search functions to get overviews over equipment that needs calibration, etc. Equipment added may also be added in drop-down menus in the multi-weld NDT reports.

Customise your reports

Existing standard WeldEye reports can also be customised to fit specific needs.

Inspection Plans module

Module where you can manage other activities than welding with planning, execution and reporting, including search possibilities.

We always appreciate feedback from the market on improvements or added functionalities that we could include in WeldEye. Contact us here for your ideas or comments.