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WeldEye Introduction

WeldEye is a modular based software that is configurable to make sure the solution matches the scale, characteristics, and needs of your welding production. WeldEye® Welding Management is a unique system that helps you take control of your welding projects.

The WeldEye Welding Management packages consists of 6 modules essential to any welding project management. Additional modules and add-ons can be purchased in combination with the Welding management package according to your needs.

Below you can find out more about each module featured in WeldEye. 

For an overview of the WeldEye Welding Management software product range click here or book an online demonstration.   


The WeldEye Management Modules

Our welding management software includes six main modules, all designed to ensure you can configure the set up to suit your industry and projects. We constantly seek to develop our software offering and welcome feedback from our partners to help us achieve this.

Additional WeldEye functionalities included

In addition to the six modules you also get as standard, a range of useful functionalities included in the WeldEye management package. Read about the time saving features below, such as the easy import/export option, the print tool and also the handheld solution.

Additional WeldEye modules & add-ons

We have several additional modules and add-ons to further increase efficiency and control in your welding projects. These can be added to your standard welding management system. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to further optimise your welding management processes.

The WeldEye Management system

The WeldEye Welding Management System consists of six main modules, Personnel & Qualifications, Welding Procedures, Project Administration, Fabrication Management, Inspection Reports and Document Register. In addition there are are number of very useful functionalities included.

We also offer a range of add-ons and integrations that can save you further time and money.


WeldEye welding icon for Personnel module

WeldEye® Personnel and Qualifications is specially designed to meet strict database requirements from any third-party certifying body.

WeldEye PQ provides you with renewal status for all your certificates in your organisation, with automated notifications on expiry dates.

WeldEye PQ automatically fills in personnel data in certificates of existing welders etc. One of the many features that reduces your documentation process and reduces your costs.

Key features:

  • Suitable for the coordination of welders, operators and NDT personnel
  • Convenient qualification prolongation with internal and third-party signatures
  • Automatic certificate expiry warnings sent directly to your email
  • Automatically generates approval ranges in EN ISO layouts
  • Includes pre-defined layouts for AWS, ASME, EN, and ISO standards
  • Find weld references for updating welders’ certificates
  • Extensive search functions
  • Pre filled dropdown menus for fast data entry

Can be purchased as a stand-alone module or integrated in the WeldEye Welding Management package.

welding procedures

WeldEye® Welding Procedure is a complete documentation system for your welding procedure information.

WeldEye helps you to save time and ensure compliance when managing your welding procedures.

WeldEye gives you full traceability of welding procedures, quick acceptance of procedures, multiple language possibilities and access control on data sharing.

Key features:

  • Full traceability of welding procedures
  • Quick acceptance of procedures
  • Multiple language possibilities
  • Information and content sharing
  • Access control on data sharing
  • Include additional pages with weld test results, pictures or other relevant documentation
  • Intelligent drop-down menus for choosing the relevant procedure (including search and create lists)
  • Easy conversion from WPQR to WPS
  • Access and revision control
  • Automatically includes the procedures used in final documentation


  • Preliminary Welding Procedure Specification – pWPS
  • Welding Procedure Qualification Record – WPQR
  • Welding Procedure Specification – WPS
  • Welding Procedure Test – WPT
  • Welding Instruction – WI
  • Preliminary Brazing procedures – pBPS
  • Brazing Procedure approval record – BPAR
  • Brazing Procedure – BPS

Can be purchased as a stand alone module or integrated in the WeldEye Welding Management package.

You are welcome to book a free, online demonstration here to find out more.

project administration

WeldEye® Project Administration is where you set up your new projects and define the content and scope according to the relevant standards, customer requirements, resources needed etc.

Key features:

    • Project set-up. Set up the production steps you need for your welding project, including steps like engineering, work order production, fit-up, PWHT, inspections before and after PWHT and more.
    • Inspection matrix. Set up inspection rules according to standards or customer requirements. The flexible WeldEye inspection matrix allows you to set up inspection rules to any standard or requirement whether this is ISO, ASME, or similar. 
    • Allocate personnel, and users to the project. Set up their project access and rights  (view only, signature rights, revoking rights etc).
    • Allocate procedures, materials, consumables etc. to the project.
    • Create weld lists in a structured way. Set up your product breakdown structure according to your specific needs and way of working.


    • Project View to view and navigate inside the Product Breakdown Structure.
    • Easy copy function to duplicate project set-up for similar projects.

This module comes as a standard module in all WeldEye Welding Management packages.

fabrication management

WeldEye® Fabrication Management lets you create weld lists in a structured and simple way giving you full overview of your projects.

Key features:

  • Flexible project set up to include the production steps you need.
  • Flexible weld view set up makes it easy to introduce WeldEye to the organisation, using your existing weld structure
  • Easy and immediate access to relevant weld data with links to drawings, certificates, fillers etc.
  • In WeldEye you can choose between signing off welds on a computer screen in your production hall, or directly on a tablet.
  • Easy copy and paste functions for faster registration.
  • Import/export functions for things like weld lists.


  • Lists for reporting cut, prep, fit-up, welding, PWHT, NDT to name a few.
  • Status reports on welding, testing and repair, welded status and more.
  • Production work orders, where your welders can also report their finished welds, giving you immediate status on your project.
  • Inspection work orders, where your inspectors can report their finished inspections, again giving you immediate real time data.
  • Custom build document packages according to customer specifications.

This module comes as a standard module in all WeldEye Welding Management packages.



WeldEye® Inspections reports includes templates based on requirements in international standards.

Standard reports included:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Penetrant Testing

  • Ultrasonic Testing

  • Radiographic Testing

  • Visual Inspection

  • Eddy Current

  • Positive Material Identification

  • Pressure Test

  • General (layout used for different inspection methods)

Key features:

  • Report heading autofilled in with existing data from your project for easier reporting
  • Several signature options
  • Access and rights controlled

This module comes as a standard module in all WeldEye Welding Management packages, find out more by booking a free, online demonstration here.

document register

The WeldEye® Document Register module in WeldEye makes it possible for you to add documents or references to documents in the database.

 Key features :

  • Gives your users access to all relevant welding related data in one software
  • Saves time with immediate document access via hyperlinks
  • Has all relevant documents ready for your final documentation package

It is possible to add any file you want, but in Weld Lists and Weld View there are hyperlinks to these documents as standard:

  1. Material certificates
  2. Certificates for filler
  3. Drawings

This module comes as a standard module in all WeldEye Welding Management packages.


WeldEye Welding Management contains a number of useful functionalities that are not tied to individual modules, but accessible regardless of your chosen configuration. We have listed some of the frequently used functionalities below.

If you are interested in finding out more about either of these or you would like to know about other features within our welding management software, please contact us directly, via phone or email or through our LinkedIn page

handheld solution

Report production and quality inspection in real time where the process is located, by using a handheld device.

Avoid running around the production halls gathering already existing information.

Let the welder or inspector report directly into WeldEye on their handheld device.

Another administrative step avoided, time and money saved!

print tool

The WeldEye® print tool function lets you choose the relevant documentation to print by a click of a button.

Create work packages and include your choice of documents like drawings, WPS’s Material or filler certificates.

Or send all the necessary documents for your final documentation package to your customer within seconds.

Flexible and easy to use.


The WeldEye® import/export function allows you to import or export entire weld lists, personnel data and more.

It saves you time and ensures correct data is entered.

The WeldEye Welding management software can import Excel or CSV files.

equipment register

The WeldEye® equipment register function lets you keep a register of your welding and testing equipment in WeldEye, for more efficient reporting.

Get full status of your equipment with information about supplier, serial and model no, calibration dates and warranty expiry dates. You can even add purchase dates and price to keep track of your investment.

Every equipment has additional fields (attributes) depending on its type. The fields can later be used for search, filtering and auto-fill.

Equipment register also includes a handy description field, document URL and file-upload to see original or connected documents.

Use the search screen to find expiring equipment or upcoming calibration dates.  

Equipment register is useful on its own but its main benefit might be found in WeldEye management.

When reporting NDT, you can select the equipment used from a dropdown menu.

The menu will only show equipment based on the NDT method you are reporting, and only equipment that is reported as active.

WeldEye then uses the auto-fill function to automatically enter related data such as name of equipment, serial no, calibration date, batch no, etc. providing you have registered this of course.

WeldEye management–a customisable welding management software for YOUR welding projects.

system administration

The WeldEye® system administration function allows you to set up users, roles, access control and company preferences in system admin.

Decide who can do what in WeldEye, according to their qualifications and work area.

This gives you better control, helps avoid costly mistakes, and gives you full traceability throughout the project. 


The WeldEye® dashboard lets you set up your personal dashboard with the information you require.

Get immediate access to the status of your project, expired or soon to be expired certificates, certificates up for renewal, inspection results, or repair rates.

This is all set up as as widgets on your WeldeEye Welding Management entry screen.

Additional modules & add ons

WeldEye Welding Management also offer a range of additional modules for when you need specific functionalities such as checks against welding parameters, activity planning or you need to integrate our welding management software with your existing CAD and HR systems.

Contact us for further information on how to add these welding management options.

inspection plans

A flexible activity planner where you can plan, execute and report additional activities related to your welding projects.

Includes search possibilities.

This module can be purchased as an add-on module to all welding management packages.

Welders weldeye

icon showing welder in mask

WeldEye® Welders Weldeye  – involve your welders!

With WeldEye your welders can sign off their finished welds before moving on to the next, giving management real time data on the progress of your welding projects.

With Welders WeldEye, welders can check the WPS’s assigned to the weld or project they are working on directly via a tablet. They can select the WPS, material and filler from an intelligent dropdown menu in WeldEye, as well as opening the relevant drawing.

This feature is standard in WeldEye, but additional welders´ licenses can be purchased for this functionality only.

Read the full article on Welders’ WeldEye here.

The WeldEye® Integration Kit  can also be integrated into existing systems like ERP,
CAD and/or HR systems, so that it becomes a natural part of the complete production

This will provide the fabricator management with a true end-to-end solution
covering all disciplines needed to optimise the production.

You can read in further detail about our integration kit here.

The WeldEye® PBS module allows you to import your PBS elements directly into WeldEye, saving you time consuming data entry.

  • Avoid costly input errors
  • Avoid double data entries

This module can be purchased as an add-on module to all welding management packages.

Quality control

WeldEye® Quality Control allows you to digitally collect welding parameter data from the workstations in real time, and check these against your welding procedure specifications.

Key features:

  • Provides traceability for your welding production down to individual welds
  • Get immediate notification of welding deviations
  • Get data directly through the WeldEye app on your smartphone, smart reader or desktop
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • View total arc-on time by welding station or personnel
  • Includes codes for non-activity

This module is offered in the Welding Management Extended package.

Can be purchased as an add-on module to existing programs.

This module is only available on cloud.

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